William Pope

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Front-end web development with William

emoji-coffee How many years have you been building websites
10 years ago I was a designer - print and some web. Three years after that, I started my developement career emoji-speech_balloon

emoji-coffee Why the change from design to development?
I felt a nagging urge to know more about the technology I was designing for emoji-speech_balloon

emoji-coffee What do you like best about your work?
The excitement of having to learn ever-changing technology emoji-speech_balloon

emoji-coffee What sort of projects have you worked on?
Lots of Javascript projects with a smattering of Wordpress as well early on. PHP 7.4 is out and I’ve heard good things about it emoji-speech_balloon

emoji-coffee What technology did you use to build this site?
This site uses the starter-hero-blog theme from Gatsby. Gatsby is the javascript answer to Wordpress for building high-performance sites with app-like features. Gatsby emoji-speech_balloon